What kind of rubber seal is a spiral seal?


A spiral adhesive tape seal, also referred to as a visc […]

A spiral adhesive tape seal, also referred to as a viscous seal, or simply a spiral seal, is constructed by cutting a crepe on the rotating shaft or the inner surface of the stationary housing. If the nagging groove is simultaneously cut on the inner surface of the rotating shaft and the stationary housing, It is called a spiral labyrinth seal. The working principle of the two is completely different, which are described separately below.

The working principle of the spiral adhesive tape seal is equivalent to the screw volume pump. The right thread is cut out on the shaft, and the clockwise rotation is seen from the right to the left. At this time, the viscous fluid filled with the sealing gap rubber part is like the nut loosening along the screw. , will be pushed from the left to the right, as the volume continues to shrink, the pressure head is gradually increased, so that the established sealing pressure is balanced with the pressure of the sealed fluid, thereby preventing fluid leakage.

The one-way spiral sealing structure is generally used as a sealing liquid when sealing a liquid, and it is not necessary to apply a sealing liquid. When used to seal a gas break, a two-stage spiral opposite spiral is often used and externally Filling. With the sealing liquid, the sealing fluid moving in the opposite direction is squeezed in the middle, and the pressure formed should be greater than the peak value of the internal pressure.

Spiral tape seals are the main atomic energy and space technology, and there are also successful cases of high-speed centrifugal compressors, but they should not be widely used in general technical fields.