China's sealing industry into the critical period of transformation and upgrading


Recent years, China's sealed product production and qua […]

Recent years, China's sealed product production and quality gradually entered a new phase, the new period, the application of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment is also growing, the same requirements are also rising, which makes the sealing products industry Facing the upgrade situation.
Although the industry has made a lot of development in recent years, these alone are far from meeting the needs of other industries in developing standardized and serialized products for all kinds of rubber sealing products. In particular, compared with the advanced countries in the world, Quality, or product variety, there is a considerable gap.

Domestic seal enterprises have always been their own positioning is not very clear, blind production, lack of docking and cooperation with the host products supporting products, it can be said that the vast majority of domestic seal products are only in accordance with a unified standard batch Production, does not care about their products can meet the matching host products on the market, blindly pursue their own factory, however, supporting the application of mechanical stability in the host is also difficult to guarantee.

Insiders pointed out that, in order to meet the increasingly high human requirements for environmental protection, ISO14000 standards have begun to attach importance to Chinese enterprises, people increasingly stringent sealing requirements, while the new standard on the other hand objectively bring market redistribution The new and stricter quality standards will become the biggest obstacle to the export of sealed products in China. And they will become the killer of foreign enterprises entering the Chinese market and the enterprises that do not attach importance to technological progress will be eliminated in the next five years.

Seals industry as a whole industry output value and the national leader in the machinery industry can not be compared to the same, but the seal of the overall mechanical equipment performance, life and so have a significant impact, therefore, only continue to produce high-quality seal products , In order to better promote the development of machinery industry