Short fibers are used in rubber products


(1) Hose Mainly used in the manufacture of medium and l […]

(1) Hose Mainly used in the manufacture of medium and low pressure resistant hoses, such as farmland and horticultural irrigation hoses, automotive medium and low pressure oil pipes, general water pipes, etc.
(2) Tape The use of 5-20 parts of short fibers in the V-belt compression layer can significantly improve the lateral stiffness and longitudinal flexibility of the V-belt, and improve the lateral friction and transmission efficiency. In the surface layer, the friction between the tape and the sheave can be increased to reduce noise and reduce wear.
(3) The characteristics of tire short fiber to improve the wear resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance of tread rubber are very meaningful in the application of tread tread. The addition of 2.5 parts in tread rubber clearly shows its superiority. .
(4) Other applications of short-fiber reinforced rubber products such as seals, cover rubber for printing rubber rollers, suction shock absorbers, impact-resistant flexible discs and clutches for automobiles, rubber screens, hollow round docks and fenders, car instruments Plate, miner hat, etc.

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