Rubber sealing strip installation and use


As a new type of polymer elastic material, rubber seali […]

As a new type of polymer elastic material, rubber sealing strips are also preferred as silicone foaming materials for cup lid materials and sealing strips of other glass cups and double-layer ceramic cups. For portable coffee cups, the most worrying is whether there will be water leakage problems, such as wet clothing, but also the entire bag, and even the main culprit for damage to mobile phones, cosmetics and other things. The Starbucks coffee cup cover with silicone foam sealing strip is seamless and has a very strong sealing performance. There is no need to worry about coffee leakage during use.

Auto rubber parts installation and use

Sales of e-commerce will increase substantially. The opto-mechatronics technology and robot technology will be widely used to transform the cumbersome rubber product production line. There will be tires and rubber shoes unmanned factories, and the old face of the rubber factory will become history. Recycling technology for used rubber products will make a major breakthrough, and most of the used rubber and corners in production will be reused. The lid of the cup is mostly made of silica gel, and the chemical composition and physical structure of the silica gel are insoluble in water and any solvent, and do not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. In particular, the silicone foam sealing strip in the cup lid has excellent properties such as high adsorption performance, good thermal stability and chemical stability, which is unmatched by many other similar materials.

The world rubber industry will benefit from high technology in the new century and continue to contribute to mankind with a new look. In terms of the main material, the consumption of thermoplastic elastomers and liquid rubber will increase significantly, and the variety will meet the needs of all rubber products, and thermoplastic elastomer tires will be available. The skeleton material will use a high strength, high modulus material that combines the properties of steel wire and fiber. Various composite materials such as rubber/resin composite materials, rubber/fiber composite materials, rubber/ceramic composite materials, rubber/metal composite materials, and the like will be used in a large amount. More nano-grade rubber auxiliaries will be used, and the amount used will be less than now, but the performance is much higher. The use of computers for the design, production, management, testing and marketing of rubber products is widespread.