Rubber reinforcement and filling system


Filler is one of the main raw materials in the rubber p […]

Filler is one of the main raw materials in the rubber products industry. In this book, the reinforcing agent and filler are collectively referred to as filler. The filler turns give the rubber many excellent properties. For example, the mechanical properties of rubber are greatly improved, and the non-self-reinforcing rubber has a useful value. In addition, some fillers impart functionalities such as rubber magnetic properties, electrical conductivity, flame retardancy, color, etc., so that the rubber has good processing properties. , reduce costs, etc.
Carbon black is the most important reinforcing filler in the rubber industry, and carbon black consumption accounts for about half of the rubber consumption. Many inorganic fillers are derived from minerals and are widely used due to their lower prices. In the rubber worker: they are used in an amount almost equal to that of carbon black. In particular, the surface modification of inorganic fillers in recent years: the emergence of new technologies such as research and application of sci-fi, nano-filler, intercalation technology and in-situ polymerization, have brought the application of inorganic filling to a higher level.
The filler properties have a decisive influence on the processability and finished product properties of the filled polymer system. The properties of the filler include the particle size, morphology, surface activity, etc. of the primary structure. The properties of the filled rubber include the processing properties of the unvulcanized rubber and the physical and mechanical properties and dynamic mechanical properties of the vulcanized rubber.

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