Principles of rubber formula design


With the rapid development of science and technology, t […]

With the rapid development of science and technology, the modern rubber formula design process is not a simple experience of various raw materials, and it is not the "prescription" of Chinese ancestral Chinese medicine, but on the basis of fully grasping various cooperation principles, Various basic theories of molecular materials, using the advanced technology and theory of various related disciplines, to understand the relationship between the structure and properties of polymer materials, so as to exert the system effect of the entire formulation system, determine the optimal dosage and ratio of various raw materials.
The principles of rubber formulation design can be summarized as follows.
1. Vulcanized rubber has the specified technical properties to achieve high quality products;
2. The processing technology in the rubber and product manufacturing process is good, which can make the product reach high yield;
3. Under the premise of not reducing the quality, reduce the cost of rubber compounding, and increase the energy consumption in the manufacturing process to improve the economic benefits of the enterprise; the raw rubber, polymer and various raw materials used are of reliable quality. And there are stable sources; meet environmental protection and health requirements.
It is impossible for any rubber formulation to optimize all performances, but the best balance of performance, cost and process feasibility should be achieved. With the least material consumption, the shortest time, the smallest amount of work, through the scientific formula test design method, grasp the inherent law of the raw material mix, design a practical rubber product formula

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