O-rubber seal ring design principle


The rubber formula generally consists of raw rubber, vu […]

The rubber formula generally consists of raw rubber, vulcanized anti-aging agent reinforcing agent system, protective system, reinforcing system and softening system. The purpose of the formulation design is to find the best combination of the various components to achieve a good overall performance. The formula design ultimately has to achieve the following objectives:

1. Meet the performance requirements of the rubber oil seal.

2. The processing technology of rubber compound is good.

3. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, try to choose raw materials that are cheap, rich in source, non-toxic or low-toxic, and stable in performance.

Rubber formulations can be divided into test formulations and practical formulations according to their use. The former is to study or identify the relationship between a certain raw material and the properties of vulcanizate and rubber compound, and the composition is simple. The practical formula mainly studies the relationship between the properties of the vulcanizate and the actual performance of the product and the process performance of the rubber compound. The formulation of the practical formula is:

Environmental conditions for the use of the product, analysis of the manufacturing process - selection of the rubber compound and various compounding agents for the formulation of the test composition - performance evaluation test - component adjustment improvement - expansion test, determination of practical formula