O-ring sealant


The O-ring is a kind of sealing product with simple str […]

The O-ring is a kind of sealing product with simple structure, various specifications and a large quantity. The seal quality life of O-rings depends on dimensional accuracy and size. It is generally required that the rubber compound has certain mechanical strength, tear resistance and good heat resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance medium and small compression set under the use conditions. According to the requirements of use, there are generally heat and oil resistance requirements, and the use of rubber is the most. Acrylate rubber can be used for oil-resistant sealing products with higher temperature (such as 150~C-l90 °C). Fluorine rubber for oil resistant rubber products requiring higher temperature, silicone rubber for heat resistance. When the working pressure is high, the method of increasing the hardness of the O ring compound is to increase the filling amount of the carbon black, but the filling amount is too high, the mixing is difficult, and the basic physical properties of the vulcanized rubber are damaged, and the glue is also made.

It is prone to scorch. In the case of using the same kind of rubber, such as nitrile rubber, in order to improve heat resistance and oil resistance and reduce compression set, a peroxide (such as DCP) vulcanization system or an effective sulfur vulcanization system (low sulfur high promotion) may be used. . These two vulcanization systems can generate

The carbon-carbon bond cross-linking structure and the monosulfide bond cross-linking structure effectively improve the heat resistance and oil resistance of the vulcanizate and reduce the compression set.