O-ring rubber seal performance and application


O-shaped rubber ring are widely used in various mechani […]

O-shaped rubber ring are widely used in various mechanical equipment to seal in different temperatures, pressures and media to prevent oil leakage, air leakage, water leakage and the intrusion of external environmental media and dust. Compared with other rubber seals, it has the following advantages:
Advantages of O-shaped rubber seals:
1. Simple structure, small size and compact installation position.
2. With self-sealing effect, no need to adjust periodically.
3. Good sealing performance, will not leak when static sealing.
4. The movement friction resistance is small, suitable for occasions where the pressure changes.
5. Size and groove have been standardized, the price is cheap, the product is easy to obtain, easy to use and purchase.
6. Adaptability, and a wide range of uses.

Insufficient O-ring rubber seals:
1. When used for compression dynamic sealing, the starting friction resistance is large.
2. It is very difficult to prevent leakage when moving the seal, and only control the leakage amount not exceeding the specified permit value.
3. In the process of air pressure and water pressure sealing, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to prevent wear. In some occasions, it is often necessary to add dustproof and protective retaining rings.
4. The processing dimensions and precision of the dual mating parts (such as moving surfaces, grooves, gaps, etc.) are strictly required.

According to the relative movement state of the O-shaped rubber sealing ring and the sealed device, it can be divided into an O-ring for static sealing, an O-ring for reciprocating sealing, and an O-ring for rotary motion sealing. According to the sealing structure, it can be divided into two types of O-rings: radial seal and axial seal. The material for making O-ring rubber seals is mainly synthetic rubber. Depending on the operating temperature, the contact medium, and the pressure to withstand, there are also differences in the choice of rubber.