Development Ability and Requirement Analysis of Sealing Products in China


China's rapid economic development requires a lot of co […]

China's rapid economic development requires a lot of construction machinery, especially some high-pressure hydraulic machinery and equipment, and the current level of China's seal technology, are far from meeting the domestic demand for seals, the sealing industry is a very urgent Problem to be solved. Sealing system design and application level depends on the development of sealing products, mainly in three aspects.
First, for the static seal system design, and gradually canceled the plant fiber and asbestos material seal products, but for chemical polymer seals, but not generally used in some liquid static seal device, the current domestic hydraulic rubber Seals, anaerobic rubber seals, hydraulic seals can be used in the mechanical seal system equipment made less domestic brand, and the level of manufacturing technology and quality and stability of imported seals have a great gap.

Second, the axial rotation dynamic sealing system, the market still use the most common standard oil seal, when the shaft rotary sealing equipment pressure design requirements, the pressure-type seals made of domestic pressure level of 1 to 3 Mega Pascal, and imported seals can provide 10 MPa pressure level, at least 3 times more than domestic products, for dynamic hydraulic pressure seal seals, has not yet been in the mechanical shaft rotary seal system has been widely used .

Third, the hydraulic cylinder reciprocating motion sealing system, the vast majority of domestic market today, hydraulic machinery, hydraulic cylinder dynamic sealing system of the main seal design, are generally used U-ring. And to the 1990s after the construction of hydraulic machinery, hydraulic cylinder reciprocating dynamic seal system design, began to use a more complex U-ring and coaxial seal assembly composite design. At present, there are more than five internationally designed composite rings, four composite rings, three composite rings, two composite rings and the like, which are applied to the piston ring support ring of the hydraulic cylinder body, and the composite ring is used as a sealing component to make the craft level More complex, the domestic design and manufacturing capacity can not be mass production, the quality of the combination ring is still relatively poor.

China is also constantly introducing advanced foreign science and technology, manufacturing process, the domestic construction machinery manufacturing industry has also made great strides, the hydraulic engineering hydraulic hydraulic seal advanced design level, high degree of work pressure, seal system reliability And so on have been greatly improved. China's sealing industry has also made great progress, gradually changing the low-power, high-energy consumption of small business model, the industry's resource portfolio and the introduction of some large sealed projects, the future of the industry will be a high efficiency, low energy Consumption, highly intensive, more and more large-scale enterprises. China's seal the number of products and quality levels will gradually close and reach the international advanced manufacturing level.