Color rubber product manufacturing method


The coloring methods of rubber products mainly include […]

The coloring methods of rubber products mainly include surface coloring and coloring of mixed materials. On the surface table, a coloring agent is sprayed onto the surface of the rubber article to color the rubber article. The method has a certain effect on static products, and for dynamic products, the colorant is easily peeled off and easily fades. Mixing coloring is currently the main method of rubber coloring, divided into two methods: solution method and mixing method. Among them, the mixing method has several methods such as dry powder coloring, color paste coloring, pellet coloring and masterbatch coloring.
Solution coloring
The method is to dissolve the rubber into a certain concentration solution by using a good solvent, and then adding the coloring agent and the rubber compounding agent other than sulfur to the solution, stirring and mixing uniformly, drying and removing the solvent at a certain temperature, and finally on the rubber mixing machine. Add people sulfur. The coloring method is complicated in operation, the coloring agent and the compounding agent are unevenly dispersed, the color difference is poor, the solvent is difficult to be recycled, and the environment is polluted, which has been less used at present.
Mixing method
This method is currently the most commonly used method for coloring rubber products. The coloring agent is directly added or mixed with the carrier and then added to the rubber compound, and uniformly mixed by the rubber mixing machine to color the rubber.