2018 annual review of the world rubber machinery industry


The European Rubber Magazine (ERJ) recently announced t […]

The European Rubber Magazine (ERJ) recently announced the 2018 annual global rubber machinery report. According to the report, the sales revenue of the rubber machinery industry in the world has increased significantly after years of decline, and investment confidence has increased significantly, marking that the rubber machinery industry is completely out of the decline.

From a corporate perspective, sales revenue is dominated by growth and profitability is enhanced.
From a geographical point of view, the development shows a clear imbalance, with Europe and China leading the world and leading the growth.
From the product point of view, tire rubber machinery dominates, but non-tire rubber machinery develops faster.
Looking to the future, most rubber machine manufacturers will increase their investment intentions. It is expected that the rubber machinery situation in 2018 will continue to improve.
With the increasing demand for automation and intelligence in the rubber tire industry, in recent years, rubber machine suppliers have been devoting themselves to equipment automation and have made breakthroughs.

RJS USA has developed an electronic control platform for real-time monitoring, measurement and control of spindle housings. This technology controls the system air pressure through the automatic feedback loop and the resulting pressure control output to a user-specified setpoint, eliminating the need for manual adjustments while monitoring loose or broken wire, room temperature, and relative humidity conditions.

A survey of key rubber machinery companies showed that the automotive and tire industries are improving and there are more follow-up orders for rubber machines. The Dutch VMI introduced that since 2017, it has won many orders from the world's top 5 tires, mainly due to new tire projects and tire upgrades. According to the H-F company, the elastomers contribute a lot to their sales while benefiting from the good development of the automotive industry. According to Nicola Fedele, sales manager of Cameron Rudolph, the company's business this year is better than last year. The market was relatively stable in the same period of last year, but this year saw rapid growth. Several projects negotiated last year are expected to be signed recently. Talking about the distribution of the market, he said that the European inquiry is relatively more, and at the same time it feels that China's orders were a bit small last year, but the number of inquiries is now increasing. Hiroki Toyoizumi, Sales Manager of Kobe Steel, believes that the Chinese market is recovering, Europe is relatively stable, and North America is better. As for the European market, he is optimistic about Eastern Europe. “Many tire companies in the region are expanding their production. Now the company has about 150 production capacity of three mixers and can meet the market demand, and is not prepared to further expand production capacity.” Turkish Uz company With an optimistic view of the market, the company plans to expand the number of production plants from two to four, and separate the production of vulcanization molds and vulcanizers. In addition, Uz has also acquired four factories, mainly for equipment maintenance. According to Pelmar Engineering, its market has rebounded in India and Sri Lanka. However, the market in Thailand has shrunk. The Central American market has experienced the fastest growth and is expected to grow by 25% this year. The company plans to expand and upgrade its production capacity. It is currently negotiating the acquisition of two factories.

The order of rubber machinery enterprises in China this year has also been greatly improved compared with the same period of last year, and a considerable number of enterprises have been fully loaded.
It is predicted that the rubber machinery industry in the world has completely walked out of the decline channel. In 2018, the world's rubber machinery industry will usher in sunny days.

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